Ceramic Mugs

Lost Lake Rum Barrel

Joseph Kraft is an artist working out of his studio in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. Based on a design by Drew Ryan at Land And Sea Dept. (who created the Lost Lake logo), Joe sculpted just 30 of these limited edition turquoise-glazed ceramic rum barrels! 



This parrot spends all day giving winter the side-eye, even when it’s summer. Honestly — he’s got nothing against you, or your Cocoanut Grove Cooler. 


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Tiki Farm Tiki Joe

Tiki Bob’s long lost cousin, or the elusive banana dolphin’s natural habitat? Probably the latter.



You might not think you have to watch out for falling coconuts, but once she’s filled with rum, this coconut will hit you in the head.



This funky guy is down to chill, especially when he's pregnant with crushed ice. Remember that movie Junior starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? 

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Lost Lake Collins Glass

Designed by Drew Ryan at Land And Sea Dept., this tall boy is printed with our super secret signature cocktail recipe.



Lost Lake Mai Tai Glass

This short lil’ fatty is wrapped with illustrations by Drew Ryan at Land And Sea Dept., and is the perfect size for Mai Tais, Piña Coladas, or Ripples on an Evaporated Lake.




Lost Lake First Anniversary T-shirt


Neon Script Pocket T Shirt

The most-Instagrammed element at Lost Lake is immortalized in neon pink script across the back — along with a palm tree-emblazoned front pocket for keeping your emergency supply of paper parasols. 

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New! Garnish Pack


Piranha Swizzles

These toothsome little guys swim in schools of ten, and they’ve got a taste for your favorite classic tiki recipe.

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In Chicago, we’ve got a short summer — but it doesn’t take long for these mugs to work up a sweat. Better go with a pack of ten to make sure your Spanish-style rum stays dry.

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New! Lost Lake Banana Leaf Swizzle

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Made by busy button making beavers at Chicago's own Busy Beaver Button Co., this is one inch of tropical Lost Lake love for your jean jacket.

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