Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take reservations?
We tiki on a first-come, first-served basis, so we do not take reservations. Also, if we happen to reach capacity during the evening, we do invite new folks in only as others leave... which can sometimes mean that late-comers to your party will have a short wait before they can join you. However, the wait is usually inside by our little take-out counter — which means you can grab a snack and a beer while you hang out!

How ‘bout private parties?
We offer a few options for private and semi-private parties, depending on the size of your group and which day of the week you'd like to host your party! Please send an email to for more information, or reserve your event using Gather.

Can I buy a tiki mug?
Totally! We sell our custom printed glass mugs for $10 each, and our ceramic mugs for $20 each.

I’m not a drinker — can I still have a good time at this tiki bar? 
Definitely! Our bartenders have a wide variety of fresh juices + housemade syrups on hand, and the ability to craft a dressed-up, zero-proof tiki tipple for you!

I have dietary restrictions… 
Gluten-free, vegan, shellfish allergy, rum aversion — don’t worry! We take it seriously and will accommodate you to the best of our abilities, depending on what is fresh behind the bar and in the kitchen.

Can I bring my baby?
Everyone must be 21 years old with a valid ID (even the baby in your baby björn.)