Stock Mfg. Co. x Thank You.

One of the coolest things we were able to do when opening Thank You. was work with Stock Manufacturing Company to create custom aprons for the kitchen crew. Stock Mfg. Co., designers and manufacturers of some real handsome men's clothing + goods right here in Chicago, created aprons that are both beautifully simple and wildly functional — with features like a box-stitched utility strap and 5-compartment pocket, with dimensions perfectly optimized for cooking utensils.

Stock chose dry selvage denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina for it’s unique durability and aging properties (with heavy use, the aprons will take on the same patina as a pair of well-loved jeans) and sourced Japanese red twill tape apron ties in the exact shade as the Thank You. logo! 

Come by Thank You. to catch them in action!