Lost Lake x Joe Kraft

We here at Lost Lake are so happy n' proud to brag all day long about our first custom mug: a bright turquoise rum barrel (of course)! 

It was created by Joseph Kraft — an artist working out of a Lillstreet Art Center studio in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. Joe primarily works in clay, making both functional ware and sculptural scenarios, where composition and the placement of parts are of the upmost importance to his visual vocabulary.

"Having the opportunity to work with Lost Lake has been a joy. I used mold making and slip casting to creating the barrels. I first made a clay prototype from a digital drawing put together by the Land & Sea Dept. I then made a mold from that so I could produce multiples of the same barrel. Each barrel is slip casted and painted with a bright color that goes with the theme of Lost Lake."

Joe created just 30 mugs for this first round, which are available on our webstore or at the bar.